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Packaging design plays a role in increasing your brand attraction. A good packaging design can lead to increased sales and customer base.

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Your brand personality can be conveyed through colour, Fonts and Texture. a good design principles uses these elements to convey a brand's story.

Keep it simple is a design principle that has been shown again and againn too be the most important aspect to keep inn ind while designing a package. People like to have the information presented to them in a quick and hassle free manner. Companies want people to buy their products- they do not want people to walk away merely because the information can be accessed more quickly on their package.

People are visual creatures. They are drawn to anything beautiful. Something that is well designed and appealing to visual senses is bound to attract more customers than a product that is poorly designed. This is the importance of packaging design. It is also the key part in associating a brand to a certain thing – be it a color or a font.
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