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UI plays a crucial role in engaging users and encouraging them in taking fruitful actions.

• Brand Building: When you work on to offer enhanced UI/UX experience, you increase the chance of having more happy customers. Happy customers will build brand credibility and that will help the business in the market with increased sales.

• Consistency: UI and UX is more than just fonts and colors for a website or application. They are the ones that bring consistency to the developed solution. Icons, colors, and font size and style, along with other visual components work together to offer your website or app the unique feel and look.

• Increased traffic: If your app or website has better UI/UX, then you will experience better traffic, will be able to retain customers and even acquire new ones.

• Customer Satisfaction: Better design means you will be able to keep your users engaged for longer time and offer easy navigation and engaging content. If the user is satisfied with their experience, they will use the services you have to offer. This will reflect in terms of better ROI for your business.

• Appealing Imagery
You should be using appealing images as they can keep your audience engaged for long. Use images of right size and in limited numbers just enough to attract the audience. The images should go with your products or services properly.
• Responsive Design
Responsive design helps in offering greater user experience. With smartphones becoming common now, it is not necessary that people will be accessing websites using PCs. So when designing website you need to look into the preferences of users; you need to make them mobile-friendly.
• Reduced Page Load Time
Speed remains as one of the top factors for your app or website success and you cannot compromise here. If your website or app takes time to load, then users will simply move to another site or app. So, when designing your app or site you need to look into factors which can boost the speed of the end solution.
• Catchy Call to Action
Apart from beautiful designs and capturing content, your website or app should have elements which encourage users to take some actions and use their services. You should be using call-to-action which comes with compelling words to push them ahead.
• Nullify Technical Site Errors
Keeping your website or app error-free is important to help your customers have great experience when navigating. Frequent errors create a bad impression about the business solution and the user may stop using it altogether.

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